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What is the price for any of our janitorial cleaning services? Will there be any additional charges? What about free estimates? Those are all great questions. Let’s talk about it! A simple phone call will do! Ask us your questions, book a cleaning appointment, or just talk to our representatives!

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LNS Janitorial Service

With over years of experience in providing general cleaning services in Lathrop, CA, our skilled team has worked with a wide variety of clients in and around the area and we’ll proudly take on any job that’s in our reach. Why trust us? How do we work? Find more about us below!

Why choose us?

We’re trusted with a variety of chores and general cleaning services by both residential and commercial clients on a variety of occasions. Whether you are putting your property up for sale or you have kids and your spaces quickly become a mess after a few days, our professionals in Lathrop, CA will come to you and restore the order.

How were different

LNS Janitorial Service is there when you need spotless cleaning. Quick, very affordable, and time-tested are all characteristics of our services. We’ve had the privilege to help multiple homes and business owners in the local area maintain their properties at their best state. We’ll do the same for yours.

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What we Offer ?

LNS Janitorial Service has been the go-to home and office cleaning service provider for many members of the local community. Competent and fully trained in taking care of the cleanliness and order of any space, we come equipped to your address in Lathrop, CA and don’t miss a spot.

House Cleaning

From the foyer to the attic, your house will be spotless once our team is done with it. We are not scared of the hard-to-reach places and we are ready to go through every nook and cranny. Be prepared to feel the restored freshness of your home with a single phone call.

Office Cleaning

Common spaces, floors, restrooms, we’ll clean it all. LNS Janitorial Service is very detailed-oriented and you will see it in every aspect of our work. Things that you don’t even think can get dirty will appear clean and shiny once again. You can count on us!

Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Get a carpet treatment by our professionals in Lathrop, CA and enjoy floor coverings that correspond with the cleanliness of the rest of your property. It will make a great impression on all your visitors. We are qualified and knowledgeable in taking expert care of your surfaces. We won’t use harmful chemicals or cleaning techniques.

Medical Cleaning

If you happen to run a hospital or any kind of private medical office, our specialists have the training, tools, and the experience needed to provide you with the exceptional cleaning services you need. We use professional-grade cleaning agents that produce the intensive results needed to create a sterilized and healthy environment.

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